Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Proud of our Teacher Presenters

I've been suffering from blogger's block for the past month or so.  I've started several blogs but never quite finished them.  Well, tonight, I am determined to get this one done.  

This past weekend, several of our teachers and I attended the Moanalua High School Professional Development Conference with keynoter Eric Sheninger.  Last summer, Eric gave up part of his Hawaii vacation to speak to educators from our complex area, and he made quite an impression. This past week, Eric has been very busy, sharing about digital leadership not only at this conference but with teams from different complex areas on Oahu and the Big Island. 

But this blog is not about Eric; it's about our teachers and their willingness to share with others about what they have learned about the use of technology with students to explore, discover, create, and share.  At this latest conference, our teachers shared about a wide range of topics - Virtual Coaching, Google Sites, Kinder Creations, Google Presentations, Using Social Media to Grow Your PLN, and Tools and Tips for Integrating Technology. I was really proud of them all!

I believe that the strength of a school is in its staff and their willingness to try new ideas and share their successes and challenges. Our teachers have presented at various conferences on a variety of different topics.  Those that are hesitant have the opportunity to try presenting to their colleagues first at an afternoon Tech Tips session or at a faculty meeting.  When sharing with their colleagues,  our teachers can build their confidence, and if they are afraid to go solo, we encourage them to partner with someone else.  That usually works well.

It is rare for classroom teachers to have the opportunity to hear someone like Eric speak unless they attend a conference. Because they were presenters, our teachers' registration fees were waived. Eric's keynote validated that we are on the right path in creating a school - or classrooms - that work for students. It is about learning, and we need to prepare our students for the world they will live in. It is a work-in-progress, but Eric's keynote showed the teachers that with their leadership, we are moving forward in the right direction. 

Tomorrow, Eric will be working with our Central District principals; I look forward to learning more about digital leadership and Future Ready, and we will be reflecting on where we are as a school and as a complex and where we want to go in the future. 

Eric Sheninger with some of our Hale Kula staff

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