Monday, May 2, 2016

Random Sharings

  • I haven't been adding as many posts to this blog. I couldn't understand why it's been harder for me this year. Then this morning as I was washing my car, I suddenly realized why I was having challenges. This year, I started a blog for our weekly staff bulletin, and it takes a good part of my weekend to make it something our staff looks forward to reading. Previous staff bulletins were pretty routine, and I wanted to change that. I'm having so much fun writing this blog because I get to share some of the great things happening in the classrooms through samples of student work, photos of students and activities, sharing news about our school or our Department as well as resources - blogs, articles, videos, etc. My only regret is I wish I had started this blog earlier. 
  • Last week, I attended two events that honored principals. As I listened to all the great things happening at their schools, I thought again that it is such a shame that we rarely have the opportunity to sit and share ideas with other principals. So I am really excited about being accepted to participate in the Hawaii Innovative Leaders Network with the Buck Institute for Education. We are embarking on our journey to embed project-based learning at our school, so learning with and from other school leaders is something I am looking forward to. Additionally, a group of principals who went on the traveling tour last school year to learn more about school empowerment will be getting together regularly to share ideas. I love the idea and hope we can eventually expand the membership.
  • Recently, we were fortunate to receive additional weighted student formula funds from the Department. As I contemplated how we should distribute the funds to best support teaching and learning, I had an idea. Oftentimes, our teachers want to try something new but the start-up cost may be a barrier to implementation. So we are asking teachers to submit a grant request. They need to be willing to share their project; good ideas become great when we can share, discuss challenges, and collaborate to make the project even better. I hope our teachers see this as a great opportunity!

Some of our students are working on a PBL with their teachers and our librarian to design a playground and recess activities for our school. One of the students' questions was "Are we able to buy some things for the recess field?" Students can apply for a grant, too! Wouldn't that be a great learning opportunity for them?

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