Wednesday, June 12, 2019

What an Experience so Far!

Well, my intention to have Jace and Jayden keep a travel journal went down the drain. I think I was treating this like an educational opportunity, getting them to practice thinking and writing skills. However, I didn’t want to nag them, and we were doing a lot of reflecting after each of our trips. We have been to Boston, Philadelphia, and half of our Washington D.C. travels so far. Tonight we discussed their reflections. Here are some of their thoughts:

  • So far in Washington D.C., walking up to the top of the Capitol was the most amazing experience for Jace and Jayden. They learned that it took lots of effort and skill to be able to build, work, and do the artwork on the dome. Jayden shared that he was petrified of falling, but going up the 300 stairs and finishing the trip all the way up and down helped him with his fear of heights. Jayden was happy that his brother gave him confidence to finish and to take the stairs on. That helped him a lot. Jace was excited to make it all the way to the top and to see the amazing view of Washington D.C. and buildings like the Washington Monument and the Supreme Court. Jace was wondering how the workers felt to be working on and fixing the dome, standing on such a tiny ledge! He probably wouldn’t want to do that job!
  • Both boys are respectful of the patriots who risked their lives so people in America could have less dangerous and greater lives where they could do what they liked without being afraid.  If Jace and Jayden had been living back then, it might have been a difficult decision on how much to get involved with the patriots. They feel that it was unfair for the King to rule over America when he was so far away in England.  Walking on the Freedom Trail and being in Independence Hall made Jace and Jayden realize that they are grateful for the soldiers who fought for the 13 colonies against the British because we would not be living in our country today if they had not done so.
  • Jace and Jayden learned that Congress makes laws that are good for the country and they should be working together to get the job done. Right now according to the news, they are fighting each other and not getting things done for our country. Jace knew about the three branches of government, and that no one has complete power over the U.S. So they feel that Congress should be working together for the people and the President should be doing so, too.
Learning about those who fought to form our country has been an eye-opening experience for Jace and Jayden. They are learning about history, government, and famous people like George Washington, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, and John F. Kennedy who have helped America become a better place for everyone including them and all of their friends and family. Tomorrow, the boys will learn about Abraham Lincoln who was the President who ended slavery and kept our country together. They are excited; Abraham Lincoln is one of their heroes, and they read books about him. 

We saw graves of patriots like Paul Revere while we were on the  Freedom Trail in Boston.
 Jace as Aaron Burr and Jayden as Alexander Hamilton are dueling at the Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia.

We made it to the top of the Capitol Dome! Can you see the Washington Monument in the distance? It’s so tiny!

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